Hong Kong karate
health in body, mind and spirit
for all ages.

Hong Kong karate

Ueshiro Harbour Karate

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 Hong Kong karate – Start Training

Traditional Okinawan Karate
Founded by Grand Master Ansei Ueshiro
Under the Direction of Hanshi Robert Scaglione

Hong Kong karate – Health in Body

Our style is suitable for all ages and supports an active, healthy and safe lifestyle for men, women and children, including families training together.

Hong Kong karate - health in body

Hong Kong karate – Health in Mind

Our approach creates positive neuroplasticity, literally growing your brain regardless of your age to improve senses, focus and mindfulness, resulting in a superior ability to excel in school, work and enjoying everyday life.

Hong Kong karate - health in mind

Hong Kong karate – Health in Spirit

Traditional karate begins and ends with courtesy, leading to the development of teamwork, grit and discipline through learning, practice and teaching.

Hong Kong karate - health in spirit

What if I have never had any karate or martial arts training?

No previous training is ideal because you can start without any previous assumptions.

What do I need to start training?

Just get in touch by email to confirm and you can show up to your first lesson.

Do you have tournaments?

No. As a traditional karate style, we do not have any tournaments.

Is it safe for children, women and the elderly?

Yes. Our style has many successful students who are children, women and the elderly. The training results in health benefits for people of all physical abilities.

What health benefits are there outside of the training?

The health benefits of karate extend beyond the dojo. Read more at this article about how karate can increase your work productivity.

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Member of 美國總本部 Ueshiro Shorin-Ryu Karate USA

In affiliation with 香港本部 Ueshiro Hong Kong Karate Club

“Karate is a lifelong pursuit.”
– Grand Master Ansei Ueshiro

Master Ueshiro